There are two simple ways to enter into a purchase agreement if you don`t want to start from scratch. The first way is to make a perfect document for your transaction with our easy-to-change furniture sales model. The second way is to obtain legal aid for the development of a sales contract in accordance with local or international standards. The latter will have to spend money, which may be impossible if you do not sell furniture as a business. 15. The landlord`s negligence, deferral or leniency in the landlord`s performance of the terms of this contract or the lessor`s grant of time does not affect the owner`s right under this contract. 10. The tenant may, at any time before the final payment delay, conclude this agreement, this agreement by ………… 2000.

Week in writing to the owner at his address for the time being and referring the furniture to the owner at his risk and at his expense at that location of the address. 6. The tenant during the duration of the tenancy, will not sell, sell, sell, mortgage, mortgage, mortgage, sublet, loan or other with the property or otherwise with the furniture mentioned, but will keep the furniture mentioned in its own property and control and will not remove the same or any of them from where they are for the zeitisten , without the consent of the owner in writing and will not create or will not establish a right of on the furniture mentioned and pay properly and occasionally all rents, taxes, taxes and taxes relating to the premises where the furniture mentioned is kept during the time and will protect the furniture mentioned from necessity, execution, or requisition and compensate the owner of All losses, costs, costs, damages and expenses incurred due to or related to them. 7. The tenant during the continuation of the tenancy will keep at his own expense the furniture mentioned in good and essential repair and condition (except for proper wear), will replace all missing, damaged or broken parts with parts of the same quality and value and maintain the furniture mentioned against fire and the loss or damage of what cause in the sum of Rs………. on behalf of the owner and pay correctly and on time all premiums and other amounts necessary to implement and manage this insurance, and establish receipts for these payments to the owner. (ii) the sums due under the contract up to the termination date; (iii) the net proceeds from the sale of goods when they are taken over and sold; and the tenant also bears the owner, upon request, the costs and costs and the incident to take over the possession of the aforementioned furniture, as shown above, which can be borne by the owner.