Time or (5) the participant violated any essential provision of any secrecy, transfer of invention, non-competition or similar agreement between the participant and the company and, if cured, did not cured this violation after proper notification of the company; or (b) the conviction or registration of a candidate of guilt or Nolo by the participant, a crime with a moral turpitude or a crime. (a) the delegation of tasks that involve much less authority and responsibility for the participant and are effective immediately before the participant`s change of control begins, (i) the change in control; (ii) the date of implementation of the initial written agreement or instrument that provides for the modification of control, or (iii) the date of adoption of a decision by the Board of Directors, which provides for the modification of the control, are substantially incompatible for the modification of the control; (a) No right to the continuation of the service relationship. The participant acknowledges and accepts that the penetration of the RSUs in accordance with Section 2 of the RSUs is only gained by the continuation of the service according to the company`s will (not by the deed of leasing or acquiring shares under this list). The participant also acknowledges and accepts that the proposed transactions and the vesting schedule indicated in them do not constitute an explicit or tacit undertaking to continue cooperation with the company during the blackout period, for any period of time or for any period. The participant acknowledges that his service to the company is suspended for all purposes of the plan on the last day of the active relationship with the company, which does not include legal or reasonable notice or a period of service or salary maintenance. (d) the inability of the company to obtain the agreement of a successor of the company, to take over the acceptance and approval of the performance of the member`s conservation contract, to the extent that such an agreement requires it. The amendment, which sufficiently increases the number of common shares in the plan, will be carried out in accordance with the provisions of the plan. 14. Employment according to will. There is nothing in this agreement or plan that gives the Participant the right to continue the business for a specified period of time or to restrict or restrict the rights of the company (or a parent or subsidiary that employs or retains a participant) or of the participant whose rights are expressly reserved by each. , to terminate the service of Participant153s with the company at any time for any reason, with or without reason.