Under the current agreement between the NHL and SIHA, once a player is signed by an NHL club, the team is required to pay 240,000 $US (USD) to SIHA. This figure amounts to 325,000 $US for the 11th (and more) Swedish player signed to sign an NHL contract in any given season. Elitseries` first season began on October 5, 1975, with a league of 10 teams, each playing four times against each other – two at home and two on the road – for a total of 36 games. [9] There has been a lot of discussion about the number of teams in the SHL. The league has had 12 teams for more than 20 years since a 10-team expansion in 1987, but there was a general agreement among hockey experts that the league should be expanded to at least two other teams. They meant that, apart from the economic situation for some of the clubs, competition from HockeyAllsvenskan had shown that more teams were needed in the top SHL league. [10] [11] On March 13, 2014, SHL and HockeyAllsvenskan announced that the SHL would be expanded to 14 teams from the 2015/16 season. To allow this change, at least two HockeyAllsvenskan teams would join the SHL during the 2014/15 season. [12] Assessment Services: Additional Provisions Download Additional Provisions [PDF] Download Additional Provisions [Word Doc] These additional provisions apply to the access and use of CEB Talent Assessments, other evaluations and related materials („Talent Assessment“) made available to the company as part of a contract letter or order.

As far as ease of use is concerned, these additional provisions relate only to an „order.“ These additional provisions are part of the agreement, unless an order expressly amends it. To the extent that a market contains terms inconsistent with these additional provisions, the market is a priority. 1. Property and Intellectual Property The contracting parties agreed that the talent evaluation performance („output“) that is produced as part of the services includes (i) printed or electronic results made available to the entity for a candidate or participant („candidate“) who receives a talent assessment or (ii) another printed or electronic report sent to the client after the end of the service. After payment of the costs specified in an order, the entity acquires ownership of an expense, provided that all the underlying DEE rights in the expenditure remain the property of the CEB or its licensees. CEB grants the company a non-exclusive, non-transferable license for the use of CEB IPR, which is included in the expenditure under the agreement. Unless expressly stated, the agreement does not grant rights to the company or CEB IPR. CEB grants the company, during the duration of the agreement, a non-transferable and non-exclusive license for the use of products and/or services in the territory only for the internal purposes of the company (provided that the company does not develop, directly or indirectly, competing products and/or services).

„territory,“ if any, the territory defined in the Order. When the company has entered into an agreement with CEB to acquire a CEB Talent Assessment reseller, CEB grants the company a non-transferable and non-exclusive licence for the duration of an order, in order to use and use products and/or services as an integral part of the service enterprise available to its customers, provided that the company`s customers are established in the territory and use the products and/or services only for internal purposes and do not develop it directly or indirectly. Apart from the provisions mentioned in these additional provisions, the company has no right to resell or deliver products and/or services.