(G12) GuaranteeNew devices manufactured by TMHUK Ltd are guaranteed to the extent that TMHUK Ltd will repair or replace, free of charge, within the time frame shown below, parts or parts identified due to defective materials or transformations. Motorized devices: 12 months or 2000 metres from the date of purchase, depending on the previous one, provided the equipment is subject to an appropriate maintenance contract provided by TMHUK Ltd or an approved service provider.2. Manual support: 12 months from the date of purchase.3. Parties: 6 months from the date of purchase.4. Work: 3 months from Démentag. Any warranty becomes invalid if:1. the device is used for purposes other than those for which it was delivered or 2. unauthorized changes are made, or 3. The device is rendered defective when maintenance is defective in accordance with the manufacturer`s recommendations, improper use, intentional damage or assembly of parts not reported by the manufacturer.5 This warranty does not apply to proprietary devices, but TMHUK Ltd will pass on the benefit of the manufacturer`s warranty (if any) where possible.6 Except as stated above and if such an exclusion is prevented by law, TMHUK Ltd does not provide any conditions, guarantees or guarantees regarding equipment, services or parts provided by TMHUK Ltd (G13) acceptance and cancellation, modification or suspension of orders1. TMHUK Ltd.

staff or representatives are not allowed to conduct themselves with respect to the aircraft or its rental or maintenance, unless tMHUK Ltd. has confirmed it in writing. The client acknowledges that he does not rely on claims for violation of these insurances and waives.2. Any advice or recommendation that TMHUK Ltd or its employees or representatives have given to the customer, employees or agents regarding the storage, use or use of the device, and which are not confirmed in writing by TMHUK Ltd, is monitored or fully implemented at its own risk and tMHUK Ltd is therefore not responsible for such advice or recommendations which are not confirmed in this way.3 There is no binding contract until TMHUK Ltd has confirmed in writing an order in accordance with the customer`s order. 4. In the event of errors or alleged omissions in the confirmation of the order, the customer must notify TMHUK Ltd in writing of such errors or omissions within seven days of receiving the order confirmation. Subsequently, the cancellation, modification or suspension of orders by the Customer can only be carried out with the prior written consent of TMHUK Ltd and on conditions that TMHUK Ltd is deducted from the higher actual costs and losses caused by this cancellation, modification or suspension. (G1) In general,1 it is. This agreement and the timetables attached to it constitute the whole agreement and agreement between the parties on its purpose. The additional terms and conditions apply to leases, service and maintenance contracts, and the sale of used appliances or parts.2 An amendment to these Terms is not binding, unless it has been made in writing, specifying both the clause to be amended and the full details of the amendment, signed by a director or managing director of each party.