(2) The procedures set out in this section should only be applied if the parties to a Veterans Care Agreement have not resolved a controversial problem by mutual agreement. This interim final rule is not implemented in Section 101 of the MISSION Act, which creates a new community care program to provide licensed Veterans through non-VA providers. The community care program is implemented in a separate regulation (2900-AQ46), but here we give a brief explanation of the need to implement the agreements approved in Section 1703A before the Community Care Program itself. In accordance with Section 101 (c) (1) of the MISSION Act, VA is required to adopt rules for the implementation of the Veterans Community Care Program by June 6, 2019. In parallel with this legal period, Section 143 of the MISSION Act amended Section 101 (p) of the Veteran Access, Choice, and Accountability Act of 2014 (Choice Act) to declare that VA can no longer provide the Choice Act to provide care and services after June 6, 2019. As a result, after June 6, 2019, VA will no longer be able to use supplier agreements for the Veterans Choice Program. The agreements approved by these regulations essentially replace the Veterans Choice Program supplier agreements as a method of purchasing municipal care with instruments other than traditional procurement contracts, which are subject to the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) and all other federal procurement laws. VA needs the provisions of these new agreements in order to be legally applicable by June 6, 2019, in order to give VA time to establish new purchasing relationships with municipal suppliers, since the contract network of Va of Municipal Suppliers, as amended by the new Section 1703 (h), as amended by Section 101 (a) of the , may not be fully covered until June 6. , 2019. In addition, based on VA`s experience, some care and care services (e.g. B Home Health) were obtained from sources that are not or are unable to enter into conventional purchase contracts submitted to the FAR, and VA expects the same to be the case after June 6, 2019.

If the agreements enacted by this rule are not in effect with sufficient time to allow back-and-community providers to take turns before June 6, 2019 from current Veterans Choice Program providers, Veterans receiving community care may be disrupted (see section that discusses the management law to obtain more accurate information on interruptions of care). To ensure that the transition from the current Veterans` Choice Program to the Veterans Community Care Program can be completed without such an interruption, VA requires this interim final rule to define the parameters of agreements and other associated authorities, so that VA can legally order care and services between them by June 6, 2019. Section 17.4130 sets parameters for the removal of agreements with 38 United States. C 1703A (f). Paragraph (a) of page 17.4130 states that termination of an agreement by a company or supplier requires that a written invitation be to terminate the invitation to hire DIE VA, in accordance with the provisions of the VCA Start Printed Page 21673 and the additional conditions under section 17.4130, paragraph 1, and (a)). Paragraph (a) (1) stipulates that written notification must reach LA VA at least 45 calendar days prior to the expected date of the breach, and the recruitment date (a) (2) stipulates that the notification must be sent to the designated VA official to whom this notification must be sent in accordance with the provisions of the Veterans Care Agreement and in accordance with the provisions of the Veterans Care Agreement.