Both express a deep sense of remorse and are frustrated by their past mistakes and pledge not to repeat it in the future. In accordance with the goal of peace, human rights and freedom of the press are fully in agreement. Both parties will boycott the municipal and legislative elections announced by the current regime, which were conducted with the sole aim of claiming legitimacy to govern. Both sides believe that it is their common duty to maintain friendly relations with the entire international community, particularly neighbouring countries such as India and China, which are based on the principles of peaceful coexistence. Through this agreement, both sides also call on all citizens in love with democracy and freedom to actively support their struggle. On 4 May 2009, Mr. Prachanda resigned as Prime Minister following the resignation of President Ram Baran Yadav of the head of the Nepalese army, Mr. Rookmangud Katawal. [6] However, he remained in office until 23 May 2009, when his successor was elected. [34] Visits to Doha by Libyan officials of the National Agreement government and prominent Muslim Brotherhood leaders in Libya once again highlighted Qatar`s role in Libya, amid the reasons for these visits, as the pace of political and military dialogues between the Libyan parties accelerated in search of a political agreement. Maoist leader Krishna Bahadur Mahara said that on April 24, a secret agreement was reached between the Alliance of Seven and the King, in which they would ensure that the king retained the monarchy in one form or another in the future. On 6 June 2006, Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala travelled to India for a four-day visit to support India in Nepal`s recent political changes. The Maoist president insisted that he not ask for economic assistance without resolving political differences inside the country and called for the release of Maoist prisoners languishing in Indian prisons soon.

„Qatar and Turkey were the only countries to help Libya in its crisis, especially when Haftar`s troops were on the outskirts of Tripoli,“ he said, stressing the importance of continued communication between brothers and friends, especially in the current phase, suggesting that his visit to Qatar was preceded by visits by Libyan foreign and interior ministers and that the Libyan defence minister will visit the week. Doha. The resolution of the conflict, as Pradip Giri, a political ideologue, says, will depend on the king`s willingness to remain truly constitutional, on the willingness of the Maoists to lay down their arms ™, and on the willingness of the parties to ™ of Atonement for their past mistakes and their ability to exercise internal democracy.