Unlike other legal systems that follow the general rule that the review is important only to determine whether it exists and not whether it is appropriate, Illinois will verify the adequacy of the consideration. [42] The majority of courts will need service employment for at least two years to support a non-competition agreement (or any other type of restrictive pact). However, in some cases where a worker is particularly severe, the courts have demanded less. A non-compete clause is a „restrictive agreement“ used to limit an employee`s behaviour or action as soon as he or she no longer works for a company. They limit the location and manner in which a former employee will work, effectively preventing him from working for a competitor. As a general rule, these agreements are in effect only for a limited time, not permanently. These agreements are usually presented when a person completes their initial rental documents. In the Netherlands, non-competition bans (non-simultaneous or concurrent) are permitted for issues such as switching to a new employer and bringing the former company`s customers closer together. Unreasonable clauses can be struck down in court. [12] The long-standing principle remains applicable: „An alliance not to compete is applicable only when it is necessary to protect a legitimate commercial interest that is reasonably limited in time and space and is in the public interest.“ [49] To repeat, non-competition obligations of any kind, with very few exceptions, are illegal and cannot be tendered under California state law. In particular, salaried workers and self-employed contractors are not bound by the non-competition clauses they may have signed as a condition of employment. The circumstances that constitute the strongest case of the application of such an agreement concern a non-compete agreement between an employer based in California and a worker residing in California.

But not all cases are so simple; The application of California law depends on the application of the „conflict of law“ rules. It also means that workers and workers bound by these clauses invest less in training and self-development.